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(Catania, Italy)

Catania is the second largest city in Sicily, located at the middle of the eastern coast and facing a stretch of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a relatively old city, founded in the 8th century, and its long history is evident in its many ancient buildings and historic sites. Catania is one of the most frequented cities in Sicily, attracting millions of tourists each year.

What to do in Catania

Catania is a great place for long walks and drives. Whether you are in the city centre or the barer outskirts, you are sure to find something you like. Interestingly, for a city known for its architecture, Catania is full of unfinished buildings, which are beautiful nonetheless.

A 40-minute drive will take you to nearby Taormina, one of the most scenic places in Italy. Besides the stunning architecture and cobbled streets, the mountains are a popular attraction. You can drive up to the mountain and enjoy a spectacular top view of the town.

Tourist Attractions

Catania has a wealth of beautiful and historic buildings. At first glance, the city may seem grey and monotonous, but tourist cannot help but be awed by the rugged ruins of the Roman Odeon, the magnificent Ursino Castle, and the famous Catania Duomo.

The city has about a dozen Baroque churches and palaces, all of which are worth a look. The 18th-century Basilica Collegiata has a striking façade that looks almost oriental and a unique Latin-style layout with two naves (aisles leading to the altar) instead of the traditional one at the centre. The Church of St Benedict has one of the best interiors in the continent, with intricate designs covering the ceiling, pillars, and walls.

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