University of Catania

University Faculties, Schools and Departments
(Catania, Italy)

The University of Catania is divided into 12 faculties, which are further divided into departments. Some faculties also manage research centres and institutes focusing on specialisations within their respective fields.

Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture offers courses and programmes in farm management and crop and livestock care. It also conducts numerous studies and seminars on the agriculture sector, genetic engineering, and agribusiness.

Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture exposes students to ancient to contemporary architectural styles and trains them in a diverse range of fields, from creating architectural masterpieces to developing civic structures for public development.

Faculty of Economics

This Faculty offers courses in business, commerce, economics, and finance. It is also known for its MBA program, which has produced some of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in Italy.

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy works closely with research institutions and laboratories from the community to international levels, with the aim of expanding and promoting knowledge in medical technologies for drug development and saety.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law offers courses in several branches of law, including corporate, environmental, and European Union law.

Faculty of Engineering

This Faculty is divided into departments for mechanical, civil, chemical, and materials and metallurgical engineering. It has advanced laboratories and research facilities, where students and professors have conducted some of the landmark studies in the European academe.

Faculty of Letters and Philosophy

The Faculty of Letters in Philosophy provides instruction in a wide range of subjects. Its specialties are art history and classical philosophy.

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature

This Faculty offers courses in several European and some Asian languages, including Spanish, English, German, Chinese, and Arabic. It also specialises in European and world literature.

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

The best known among the University's faculties, this Faculty has the largest research and extension network and has produced some of the finest doctors in the country. It is affiliated with several small hospitals for community-oriented research.

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education trains its students to become skilled and ethical teachers. It offers many cross-faculty programmes for students training for joint careers in teaching and research.

Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

This Faculty offers courses in several areas of science and ensures instruction both in the theoretical and practical realms. It is equipped with frequently updated research laboratories and receives one of the highest research funds from both the university and other institutions.

Faculty of Political Science

This Faculty teaches governance and public management in the local to international levels. It also offers subjects in diplomacy, international relations, and specific European governments.

Catania University

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