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Catania has several hotels for tourists and visiting families, many of which are close to the University and the city centre. There are accommodation options for every budget, from low-cost inns to luxury hotels.

Hotels and Accommodation

Visitors to Catania can choose from several high-quality accommodations in the city. Most are within 30 minutes from the University campus by car, and many are easily accessible from city facilities such as shopping malls, train and bus stations, airports, and tourist attractions.

The Excelsior Grand Hotel is easily one of the best hotels in the city, conveniently located at the city centre while affording views of natural sites such as the nearby Mount Etna. All rooms are air conditioned and equipped with a personal computer and broadband Internet. Those on a budget can go to the Hotel 20 Settembre, a two-star hotel offering cozy individual rooms with comfortable single or double beds.

Student Accommodation

The University has an in-campus residence complex, Caracciolo, where students can stay during regular terms and for limited periods after each school season. Caracciolo also offers discounts to students from low-income families. Caracciolo caters largely to international students and visitors.

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